Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good Luck, Coach

Possibly it's because I've been distracted by other events, and with a eye to ignore the inevitable, I guess, so that the inevitable would not come--yesterday Coach went in for training and we may never see him again. The best we can hope for is a quick hello when he becomes a guide dog, though I can't even allow myself to hope for it because hoping did not work in the past with our other dogs.

The day would not be delayed, and today Coach is at school. And though we have every reason to believe that he's very happy with his new classmates and his new life, and though we had known about this for months--the exact date and time of his IFT (in for training)-I am almost confused today about his absence.

At some point during the past several days, I'm not sure when, I've finished the hallway table project. I felt sure there was something else that could be done, but there's not.

Good luck, Coach.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Hall Table

I'm struggling with curves. These curves haunt my early morning hours, elusive, beautiful. And these aren't curves of the feminine kind (well, usually not)... No, these are curves in wood, like the ones in the Japanese azumaya that I was planning to build.

Long, graceful curves along the wood grain. Easier said than done--these are very, very difficult cuts.

The beauty of a curve comes from its simple and perfect grace, something that diminishes with each slight imperfection, even those not apparent to the eye. Our brains are hard-wired to appreciate the perfection of nature expressed in geometry and symmetry. If the cuts aren't perfect, I will look out and hate them every day.

It turns out that the design shown above is an Americanized version of a pagoda roof--an authentic roof of this type should achieve its curve without having to actually cut curves into the rafters. So now I searching for a new, authentic plan (I'm not giving up).

In the meantime I'm exploring some curves in the hall table I'm building for Cheryl. I also found a way to cut some nice tapers into the legs. Even these small curves are tormenting me. I've just finished gluing the legs and aprons.

This will be a really delicate hall table just by the entry to the kitchen.

At some point time in the near future, the dogs will run into the table at full speed and turn it into splinters.