Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sanding around the Piano

Our new bamboo was delivered this week, and as always there's a ton of yard work to do. But since Cheryl is out of town for a week and since we are down to two dogs now instead of our normal three, the foot traffic in our house is at an all time low, a perfect time for me to refinish the living room floor.

For the past 10 years our dogs have been racing through the living room in a blur, their nails scratching and grinding, making me cringe every single day. (But they are having so much fun--who could be mad?) In the morning the hoard is always in a hurry to get to the kitchen for breakfast. In the evening it's a race to see who can get up the stairs first. The poor oak boards are now pitted, gouged and defiled.

I played in a band for years, and I carried a real baby grand piano (a cheap one) from club to club, moving it often by myself, so I didn't expect a problem moving my Petrof a few inches. I bought some heavy-duty furniture moving pads to make it easier. But it took all my strength just to lift one corner of the piano while Cheryl slipped the pads in place. And then it would not budge, and I'm afraid to push too hard. (I had a piano collapse once when one of the legs gave way.) So the piano stays put and I'll finish around it.

Today I removed all the baseboard molding, and I figured out how to remove the spindles from the railings. It was a long day for sure.

Everything is wrapped in plastic, ready for the sanding tomorrow. But will the scratches come out--I have no idea...

More later.