Sunday, January 4, 2015

Self-Confidence and Luck

Self-confidence is an adolescent, drunken friend tempting you to do things you should not do. It is a bad boy with no common sense and no grip on reality and especially no concept of what it means to grow older. It convinced me that I could lift the 12-foot beams onto the posts by myself without pushing the posts off center.

Self-confidence is a brother to self-delusion, working together to prop you up. But when one goes away, so does the other, which is sad because they are fun to have around.

I spent the afternoon listening to them. And then by accident I found a way to steady the posts and balance the beams long enough to stair-step them into place. It was luck, not planning.

So I feel pretty good about myself. Self-confidence, self-delusion and luck are my friends, at least for today.