Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kitchen Floor Coming Up

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I didn't get the entire floor up, but I did have success with the tiny flush-cut, muscle-operated saw that I bought for $10. Sometimes hand tools are the solution to a problem, and that gives me a warm fuzzy.

Because I'm installing the new floor around the cabinets, I need to cut away the old floor just flush to the cabinets. For some reason the Home Depot universe does not include a power tool for this purpose--probably because it is not safe to expose a spinning saw blade with no protective cover, and the protetive cover would be in the way and would not allow you to cut flush to a surface. I suppose we need to be protected from ourselves. We just can't resist sticking our fingers into the path of spinning metal.

As I was pulling up the floor, a piece of the subfloor also pulled loose and I was able to peer into the darkness underneath and see the original footer of the house. Some carpenter had taken the time to do a very neat and efficient job of it, only to have the work covered and sealed in darkness for nearly a century. Much of my software work suffers the same fate. Kudos to you, my long-dead carpenter friend. Good job.

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