Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blue, then Better

After a disturbing day with a blood-red breakfast room, I decided to surprise Cheryl and paint the room turquoise blue. We saw this color everywhere in Sante Fe last year, usually as an accent or trim. One restaurant had an entire wall of it, and with an open skylight the turquoise seemed vibrant. Very cool and cheerful blue. Perfect for a breakfast room, right?

As I moved from wall to wall, replacing the red with turquoise, the room lit up. At first I thought this was just the red-blue contrast. By the time I finished, the cumulative effect was amplified until you almost had to look away. The room is only 10 x 14 and the turquoise glowed like it had its own light source, reflecting off of itself. No matter how many times I looked away and then looked back, it was a shock. Oh well, maybe Cheryl would like it. We had fun in Sante Fe, after all.

But Cheryl didn't exactly like it. We decided to give it a day. During the night blue fairies escaped from the walls and flew through the house, so much that we could barely sleep. I'm all for cheeriness and cute fairies flying around, but you have to sleep sometime.

So, yesterday I painted the room with the color that has no name (sort of butterscotch tan), the one Cheryl picked out, and it was just right to go with the green in the living room. Finally some peace in the house.

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