Sunday, December 14, 2008


The dinner party went well this weekend despite a close call when a wood nymph (a tinker-bell looking thing) became visible briefly on the table top and then burst into flames, lighting one of the paper menus on fire. Fortunately a candle was close by and no one suspected that anything unusual happened.

Everyone said kind things about our new floors and the window. Liars, but with good intentions. It seems like ages now since I had a good project but I'll need to wait until after New Years to get started on something new, probably something to resolve my feelings about the window's anemic pine finish, which seems pale and washed out and determined to vex me and suck the life out of me every time I walk into the room.

Last night we went to dance recital featuring a good friend. She was great. I promised the secret service I wouldn't publish any pictures of her performance, and I'm trying to get back on their good side.

But the highlight of the night came when a rotund man in a Luke Skywalker outfit danced with princess Leah and battled with Lord Vader. I had to get a few shots with my iPhone.

After a while I realized that what seemed a simple bit of fun was actually a serious allegory of our current status in the world--the United States now older, slower, out of shape, somewhat confused by the dizzying changes as the image of our former selves dances around us as a cruel reminder of what could have been, while the rest of the world waits off-stage waiting to challenge us. And yet we remain upright in the posture, dignity and dress of the hero.

Or possibly it was just an old dude not afraid to have fun and maybe look a little silly.

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