Friday, June 12, 2009

The Vanda

You might expect someone to wait until after an orchid blooms to take a picture, but this one is a special case--the first orchid I ever bought. It's been subject to a variety of torture at my hands. Too much water, not enough, too much sun, not enough, here, there, until after a year or so I gave up and placed it under a fire bush plant where its free-hanging roots could touch the ground. And then I pretty much forgot about it. Now, after another year or two free from my toxic interference, it has decided to bloom.

From what I can tell, this is a type of Vanda orchid, an epiphyte with roots that seem dead but that quickly turn green when dunked in water. Of course the flowers will help to nail down the genus and species, but I was so happy to see these buds that, after consulting our Thai friend, Dar, I moved the orchid to hang here under the balcony on the back porch and I took these unimpressive pictures. Consider them a study in anticipation.

The Orchid Thief is not a great book but it paints a good picture of obsessive behavior, of orchid festivals and conventions and nutty people who dedicate their lives to this plant. Crazy, except I probably can't go more than 30 minutes without looking out the back door to see if a flower has popped out (not that my life is so uneventful).

Also, this week we are watching a tiny female pug for a friend who's been in and out of the hospital (I hope she's better soon). Here's a shot of the two ponds, Cheryl taking a picture, the black pug sniffing and snorting and Willow hiding behind a cactus. Pugs were my mom's favorite dog, and it's nice to have her here, if only to imagine how happy my mom would be if she were also here.


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