Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Puppy

The paneling project is on hold pending life returning to normal, which means the project may never be finished. On Tuesday we picked up Bingo, our new guide dog puppy. Cheryl and I will be discussing him on our new blog . Well, mostly it is her new blog, but I will occasionally contribute a post. Be aware that everything you read there is a front, a ruse, a dissembling to disguise his true identity and purpose, which I will expose here over time, but only to those of you who can continue to access this encrypted feed and only if I can continue to tell truth to power without consequence (because I have a very low consequence threshold). Just a cute puppy? Look a little closer at that stare.

As expected, Willow mistrusts the new puppy and is not exactly happy with us right now. She spent hours on the phone with her legal advisers today. It may get ugly.

Also, we just got back from a trip to New York to visit two of our northeast CIA contacts, one of whom is shown here in a Florida shirt that he wore to help make us feel more at home in the big Apple. We had fun, including dim sum with Queen Elizabeth and her cousin (strictly a social visit). But now we are back, the upside is now down, Willow has abandoned me and the paneling project, and we all languish under the mysterious spell of this new puppy. More later.

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  1. I love the article about the new Puppy name Bingo. I like that name for the dog. Plus, I like the picture that you took while you was in New York. Even though summer is trying to come to an end, I know you and your family including Bingo will enjoy the rest of the summer days. God Bless you and yours