Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stained Glass Project--Conceptualization

Our downstairs bathroom is tiny but not without some charm. It has a little nook with a sink and the same tile that's in our kitchen. Its window looks onto the back yard, except the window is frosted and we never open it. Cheryl has developed has passionate hatred for the curtains (helping to move this up the to-do list), but at least they hide the ugly old rusty metal window frames.

Instead of replacing the window, we've decided to make a stained glass window and a nice wooden frame to just fit over the 2 x 4 feet opening. We're looking for a pattern with koi and frogs--or maybe I can draw something...

Stained glass, of course, is an ancient and beautiful art form. The early Christian churches (around the 4th century) used sliced alabaster rather than glass in windows. Muslims began to use colored glass in windows around the 8th century. But some of the finest examples can be found in gothic churches throughout Europe, masterpieces that still hang in air after 1,000 years.

I made a stained-glass lamp shade years ago, and even though it was hideously ugly, I have a good idea how the process is done, and for some reason I feel confident now that I can do it and make something cool. Like with life, attitude is important with glass--otherwise it will cut you quick.

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