Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tea and Good Fortune

Sometimes fate and luck intersect at just the right moment, just when you are actually looking for it, a thing that points to destiny, guardian angels, divine intervention or maybe just to a vague sense that something supernatural has just occurred and, this time, for the good, like winning the lottery or sinking a hole-in-one.

Normally I agonize over these projects, and I suppose I get an odd pleasure in doing so because it allows me to resolve my many doubts: Is it too big, too small, too dark, too light, strong enough? Will it fall over, blow over, explode, fade, crack, decay, burn up? Am I really a hack who has no business doing this stuff? (OK, I'm pretty sure about the last one.)

So with the pagoda tea-house project, I could see months and months of this, working through all of the details, which is OK but a little tiresome with such a big project. I couldn't even find a design to start with, a picture, of what I wanted to do.

So this morning I gave it another shot and went browsing for designs. I'd done these searches several times already over the past few weeks, but nothing had popped up. Then an entry on Google caught my eye. I clicked and there it was--exactly what I had pictured in my mind. Better.

I showed it to Cheryl and she agreed that it was perfect. A miracle, to find something that Cheryl and I immediately agree upon. Haley's comet comes by more often.

But there's more. I scrolled down the page. This site would sell the detailed blueprints for the pagoda. Amazing! I'd found the perfect design and the plans.

How cool is that.

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