Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Office Floor

For the past several years I've been sitting in my office chair and staring at a piece of termite-eaten flooring. Someone made a half-hearted attempt at repairing it, but anyone could see the ugly truth. So, part of the hallway project is to fix the floor in my office.

That board is really long and only the end is damaged, so I picked a spot in the middle and began to chisel it in two. I love chiseling wood. Clean and sharp downward cuts, then shave off the side. I even bought a grinding wheel so I could sharpen my chisels super sharp. How much fun is a person allowed to have?

After I cut my way through the board, I chiseled out the inside portion of the piece to be removed. Otherwise, the tongue and groove on the sides would prevent it from being budged.

OMG, I love this!

Clean as a whistle. More later...

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