Monday, February 25, 2013

Fence Wood

Vast quantities of fence lumber now sit near the driveway, so near that when I backed out with the Honda yesterday, I felt a little bump, which caused me to pull forward and then hear another odd noise: my back bumper becoming detached from the car. (Cheryl and I were able to shove it back into place.)

So I really can't be angry at the wood.

I was determined to get all the posts into their holes on Saturday, and I did, but they are incredibly wet and heavy (I could not seem to get any sympathy from anyone on this point--they were really, really heavy). These posts stick up about 7.5 feet, sometimes higher because I just couldn't dig the hole any deeper.
See how the neighbor's fence is leaning into our yard!

I'm installing next to my neighbor's fence, about 1 foot away, and the nails will need to be driven from that side. A tight fit. Most framing nail guns won't even fit into such a small space, but then I found the perfect solution--a nail gun that fits into the palm of my hand (a palm nailer), and it is only a few inches thick. You just drop in a nail and press it against the wood.

What could go wrong?

Coming up next: attaching the stringers and testing my new nail gun.

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