Monday, February 16, 2015

Touching the Sky with Rafters

I invited Cheryl out to take some pictures, knowing that she would be pleased to capture my fear of heights with her new lens. But first I had to get this 12-foot ridge beam in place. Heavy.

Willow is back in charge of project development while Jam is busy doing crochet with Cheryl. He'll be back.

The straight rafters came next. These were easier than I expected to install, but getting the first one right was a pain.

What I'm really excited about is making the curved rafters for the corners. Here's what my Sketchup drawing looks like.

In this photo taken by Cheryl, I am back on solid ground, my dignity and confidence restored, grateful that I did not wet myself while up on the ladder. However, I know that to finish the roof I will eventually have to crawl up on top of it.

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