Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've put some new sheet rock on the walls and some framing around the window, and it's starting to look more like a place where normal people live. Here is the before and after.

Up to this point I've focused on details that no one will ever see: the framing and the metal window straps that I designed. So it was a little sad to cover it all up with sheet rock. Maybe this is why surgeons leave it to others to sew you up? Maybe they would prefer to pass you around to their friends for show and tell, at least for a few days?

After the wall and baseboards are painted I will be putting a clear finish on the windows. I found some nice pine for the frames, which are designed to match the windows in the rest of the house (it's only partially finished in the photo). But Cheryl and I want this one to be natural pine instead of painted white. So it will be more sanding, but now delicately and by hand with the fine sandpaper so that the sawdust is as fine as goose down.

I continue to wonder I if am the luckiest person ever.

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