Thursday, October 23, 2008

Master Chemicals

For centuries the master builders of the world made do with simple hand tools and common materials. Stone and steel, wood and brick. A great tradition of master carpenters passed techniques from teacher to apprentice, a brotherhood of professionals that continues to this day.

But today we have the Internet. Besides, the real carpenters are very expensive, so why not just "do it"?

Allen and I slid the window into place without much trouble. What a relief! The metal straps that I made and screwed into the sides of the window worked perfectly. You can barely see them in the photo to the right (one is shining just above the window on the left side). I saw this technique in a video on the web, so it must be a good idea, right?

The cynical among you might say "metal straps? in Florida? Won't they just rust?" Yeah, they probably will rust, but I will be dead by then and you won't have me to kick around any more with all your negativity. Besides, this is where modern chemicals play a role.

One of the coolest things to play with is expanding foam. It comes in a spray can, and you squirt it into an opening and watch it go. The master carpenters of times past did not have this foam, but I have it. Here is the window with foam squirting out. This stuff is very sticky and forms a tight seal around everything it touches, including my metal straps. It will keep the moisture and ants and termites away from the pine frame of the window for (my) foreseeable future.

So who is the master now, Willow? (She remains unconvinced.)

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