Thursday, January 29, 2009

Economic Stimulus

Chapter 1: Job security. (So far that's all I've got.)

I was supposed to rewrite the economic stimulus package this week before things got out of hand in Washington. Too late.

Had I bothered to ever learn anything about economics I might be in a better position to write some meaningful legislation. Maybe if I had ever read a serious book on the subject (no, Tom Friedman does not count), things would be more clear. I know that people in Congress feel the same way because they bother me every five minutes for a solution. Job security.

But Congress will have to wait. Today I'm planning a new bookshelf for Cheryl. I've learned that any space in the house without books is "wasted space." You just can't have too many bookshelves. Also notice the new window is still waiting to be installed. Job security.

I'll try to finish the economic plan tomorrow afternoon or Sunday. My mom always said that you should take a nap if you struggle with a problem for very long. When you wake up, the solution will be waiting for you. If it's not, then have a good snack. Job security.

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