Sunday, January 25, 2009

Royalty for the New World

Last night we threw a party for the princess of Cuba. Yes, that's right. In the fifteenth century Ferdinand II of Aragon had an affair with an Italian princess, and their daughter was sent to Cuba in an elaborate attempt to set up a Spanish/Italian kingdom in the new world. When Isabella learned of the matter, she sent an assassin to kill the new Cuban princess, who narrowly escaped and fled into the countryside.

There is no mention of any of this in the history books. The assassin was never seen again. Only the descendants of that princess know the story and have kept it alive along with the hope that the new world kingdom can finally be realized with its rightful royal family finally in place. The new heir to the throne is getting married, and good luck to her.

Years ago my Uncle Jimmy (a very funny guy) and I were watching a story about Queen Elizabeth on TV. He surprised me when he said that the royal family should be booted out onto the street. The concept of royalty, he argued, was contrary to human nature. I'm still not sure.

Human beings become discouraged when contemptible people rise to power. We like the idea of a king and queen, I believe, but only if they are young and smart and benevolent, with pretty and smart princes and princesses. We replay this fantasy over and over in movies and books, and kids are naturally drawn to the concept.

That's why we were especially happy when Barack and Michelle stopped in to our party for a few minutes last night. The talks went well, and we are hopeful for the restoration of the united New World.


  1. the family lineage of this princess you speak of, has been held in secrecy. this information and the whereabouts of the princess were protected by the Punjabi Sikhs. because lost in the story, is the location of the "Lost City" where unimaginable treasures lay.
    the map, carried on the being of the princess. written in Urdu the map also tells of the origin of man. a family tree of sorts that include the likes of Attila the Hun, Dawit II, and Sapa Inca Pachacuti. the tale explains the disbursement of peoples around the world.
    a prominent Sikh Guru matched the princess up, with the ruler of the new world Emperor Eliot IV of West Allis....

  2. Bob, You are opening a real can of worms here. An underground video of Emporer Eliot has recently surfaced, but it's encrypted with a new technique developed by the CIA to make it appear to be a cartoon (like in the Serenity movie). Take a look here.
    Even if you don't have the photopulsar decrypter, you might be able to read between the lines. (In summary, Emperor Eliot will rule again, but only after the re-alignment.)