Thursday, March 26, 2009

Red Fish, RIP

My poor red fish floated to the top one last time yesterday and died. I can't say that I was too sad to see him in that condition, considering that he has not been at all well for the past three weeks.

I buried him under a nice little round sundial marker next to the bamboo stand in a simple ceremony attended without much enthusiasm by Willow, who is beloved (in spite of her attitude) by all the fish because bits of food fall from her mouth when she takes a drink from the pond. If I guess right, she only attended because it smelled interesting. Typical.

When the bamboo roots reach his remains, this year or next, they will send up an especially flamboyant new culm, taller and fatter and greener than the others (at least that's what I predict) and what could be more appropriate?

To recap, the red fish had an inflated swim bladder that would not deflate, so for three weeks he bobbed to the top and swam upside down, which I have on video, only now the video is sad in context so I won't post it. The web experts say that swim bladders sometimes get better, and he did improve for a while--good for me because I didn't want to snuff him out without a chance.

Rest in peace, red fish, until the bamboo puts you to a different purpose.


  1. Sorry Fred, now that you are no longer consulting for the CIA and Obama, the red fish was no longer useful to the agency. They had to make it look like a natural death. I would wonder about the identity of the internet "experts" about fish floating.

  2. Thanks, "Dave". I suspected this was true. Please be careful. If they find out your identity, you could be next. And you are my best contact on the inside. As always, SFRDAGES

  3. Son-of-a-bitch!!!!! The famous "Red Fish" is gone, I can hardly bear it, it would have been better if he had been eaten by a Heron!!!!