Sunday, March 29, 2009

Service Dogs for Politicians

Here's a picture of Cheryl from our vacation. We're sitting at a table in Orlando's in Taos and she is contemplating the plate of food that has just landed in front of her. It's blurry, but I like this picture--serene, contemplative, like the pieta admiring the christ-child (if the christ-child were an enchilada with green chili sauce).

Yesterday we set out on a new adventure. Some members of a new, secret branch of the CIA were here to discuss our new project. We will be raising service dogs that have a special ability--they detect when someone says or does something stupid, and they will either bite or threaten to bite that person (depending on the degree of stupidity). The dogs will be used mostly in Washington at first, attached 24 hours a day to all politicians (mandatory assignments), but eventually everyone may have one.

The agents brought one of the dogs with them (a beautiful yellow lab), and it was amazing to watch. I got bit every time I opened my mouth. (I noticed that Cheryl let me do most of the talking.)

We will get new puppies and keep them for a year or so, and hopefully I can memorize a few un-stupid sentences so that we can teach them the difference.

In case you are wondering where the CIA got the idea, Willow just got back from DC. We aren't on speaking terms just yet...

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  1. Well, if you have the "puppy" before June, I guess he can't bite too hard, so WE are still coming! If you get a Rotweiler, the trip is off!!!