Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rainy Days

For the rain it raineth every day.

After two years of neglecting us, the skies opened up 5 or 6 days ago and have been pouring down rain ever since. Willow had virtually forgotten about the world of wet grass and soggy soil that will push up into her paw toes during those few seconds each day when she needs to relieve herself, so she dances across the damp earth like it is on fire and generally behaves like a spoiled princess. Apparently the side yard, once her favorite place to pee, has become a wet and frightening wilderness--now she pees next to the bamboo (which is close to the house) and then runs back in as quickly as possible. Fine. I will continue to frequent my favorite spot (inside, of course).

Here she is, staring with contempt at the rain drops outside the window, in full micro-manage mode as I work inside to rebuild the little sections of wall at the base of the windows. Water had completely rotted the interior of the wall and even damaged part of the base boards, so I've replaced everything. When the caulking and the wallboard mud dries, by tomorrow, I can paint and it will be finished. I finished caulking outside today, out in the rain where the rust is deliriously drunk and threatening to make up for lost time. What can you do (except possibly rip out the whole thing)?

I'm not complaining about the rain. Our plants are also drunk with pleasure, shooting out new green shoots and broadcasting new roots, while they can, into the soft ground. The pepper plants are getting green and bushy, ready for the sun to come out so they can show off some new fruits. One of the plants is a real hottie all the way from Santa Fe. More on them later.

Somehow, even though the base of this window is hidden from view by the big sofa and theoretically out-of-mind, Cheryl became passionate about this project years ago and placed it at the top of her to-do list (things for me to do). Now I'm glad she nagged me about it. Even better, I'm happy that she likes the idea of making new windows here, which will be a super cool project when I can wrap my head around it.


  1. Everybody knows what is going on inside, you have to MARK your territory outside, put your raincoat on and get with it!!!!!

  2. By the looks of the tree in your side yard, I believe I know your favorite place.

  3. ha! Like he ever does what I want him to do. 8-)