Friday, October 23, 2009

No, the Well's not Dry

It seems my fears of a dry well were wholly unfounded and exaggerated--the water contractor guy barely hide his contempt for my ignorance of all things well-related. I am so relieved to have the water running once again that I will not mention here what a sloppy and half-assed job he did, except that it goes to reinforce my opinion about contractors in general and my whole raison d'ĂȘtre in specific.

Oh yes, he did what he said he would do: replaced the burned-out pump and got the lines wired up correctly. But he left the place a mess when he easily could have tidied things up. What kind of a professional walks off with a tangled mass of wires when it takes only a minute or two to tie them up?

And when one of the valves was clearly stuck, he pretended not to notice, though I saw that crazy-squirrel look in his eyes--him not knowing if I knew it was stuck. "Is that valve stuck?" I asked the squirrel-man, who then dropped his nuts. "Duh. Yeah, I guess it is," he admitted. "I can fix it." Here I am, recovering from surgery, and I had to stand there and supervise this guy like he was 10 years old.

As god is my witness, I'll never call a contractor again. Probably never again.

It's nice to see the water running again. The koi were clearly pleased, swimming under the waterfalls like they had all just returned from a hike in the desert.

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