Saturday, October 17, 2009


I had hoped to post a blog immediately after surgery so that I could record my feelings. As you know, they wheel you right from the operating table out to your car now so that you can get on with your life and not chew into the shareholder's profit margin. But to be fair, I preferred to come home instead of spending a night in the hospital. Also, to be fair, the people at the surgery center were professional, friendly and caring.

And even though I quit taking pain medicine yesterday (I HATE the feeling), my mind today is still muddy, and I can't seem to stay focused on anything. After surgery (I've had several) you get the feeling that time is suspended and that things may never be normal again. I can't imagine doing yoga or working on a project. I wonder if this is a self-preservation response--your body telling you to stay down, fool.

Everything went well, though, I am told. The surgeon told Cheryl I had a huge hernia but it's fixed and with a big mesh patch to keep it from happening again. No wonder this was a condition that kept you out of the army in the first and second world wars--back before the patch.

No driving, no lifting, no nothing until Oct. 27, which seems like a lifetime away. Already, today is better than yesterday. I pooped, in case you are keeping a diary. Maybe not a big deal for you, but for me...


  1. you sound like a pirate now, with your mesh patch. thank goodness you only had one hernia repaired or how would you see?
    i need to update my fred diary. what kind of poo was it? you know solid/loose, brown/greenish, etc.
    thx goushee

  2. ARR, it was a fine looking poo to be sure