Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wooden Ships

Cheryl and I remain under the influence of a nasty, deceptive cold. Just when I think I'm feeling better, it kicks my butt again.

This morning I found an old snapshot of memory. Crosby, Stills and Nash will be on HBO tonight, on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show, and I was reminded of a night back in early 1970s. Fast Eddie and I were renting an old house out in the country. I had gone to bed and the stereo was still playing--Wooden Ships. This was back when a turntable needle pulled music from the grooves of a plastic disk.

I remember that the room was dark but I could still see the window frame and, at the lower left corner of the frame, there was a place on the wall, directly in front of my eyes, where the wallpaper was peeled back to reveal the netting underneath. At that moment a train approached, blowing its whistle from just across the street and temporarily drowning out Crosby, Stills and Nash. Something burned this moment--the sight and sound--so deeply into my memory that it could have happened last night.

My memory is not so good. Probably these snapshots will become faded and then eventually disappear from my mind. Maybe if I write down a few of them, it will help (if I can remember that I wrote them down).

I'll be watching the show tonight, hoping to hear Wooden Ships again.


  1. The fast one can remember looking at the lawn through cracks in the wall, playing poker wearing old lady hats from the armoire in the dinning room and sealing the small hallway in the center of that house to get enough heat to avoid frostbite. Also, some prety interesting times with the party line telephone.

  2. I remember some very odd phone calls...

  3. Hey Fred, How you doin? Long time no see, (very long time indeed) I am here with Edwin and I must tell you it is bittersweet. I still love Ed. He is very special to me and I have dreamed about him 2 or 3 times a week for years and years. I thought maybe I was crazy but finally decieded WHO CARES! I would love to see you some day. You look great and very happy. I can tell you are blessed. I am sad because I have to go back to Texas to take care of some business and must leave Ed for a while. I just wanted you to know, it has been unbelievable reconnecting with Ed and he is so kind and sweet. If things had been different way back when and one of us had been a little more mature we would have probably both been much better off. Life... live and learn. It breaks my heart to have to go back to Texas for a while, but I know now I have happiness to look forward to.
    Ed talks about you from time to time and is very fond of you. We plan to come to Florida to see ya'll some day soon. We must all carry on..........Janice