Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Chandelier Project

Our new chandelier just arrived in the mail. Cheryl has been griping about our puny and grotesque chandelier since we moved in, so Santa finally brought us this one, and coincidentally just in time for our chili-pepper theme party on Saturday (also see last year's party).

In the picture you can see that the arms are folded back to make it easier to hang. Right. Putting up a chandelier is a routine, minor-league project, except that it requires the climbing of a ladder, and my ladder is not quite tall enough to reach. OK, it is tall enough except that I am scared to stand that close to the top.

Of course, Bingo, despite his high IQ and high-tech circuitry, is no help at all. And Willow, in her typical project-manager style, is hiding in the laundry room until I figure out what to do. A new ladder--one big enough to get me comfortably to the chandelier--would be nearly $200. So my internal conflict (cowardice vs cheapness) could not be more intense. I've got to bite the bullet, but which one?

Time for a nap. More later...

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