Monday, February 22, 2010

Mom's Parrot

Sometimes a change in the weather can set things back on the right track. This weekend, for example, was beautiful, with highs in the 60s, just the perfect weather for some long walks with Cheryl and the dogs, some yard word and, finally, a chance to finish up the bedroom panelling project.

Actually, I finished the bedroom months ago. I just never finished up cleaning my office balcony--I cut all the panels out there and made a real mess. While cleaning up I took this photo of my mom's paper mache parrot, hanging just outside my office. She really liked that bird--she had it hanging from her curtain rods so you would see it when you walked up to the apartment building. If mom were still alive, I would have called her this morning (instead of writing this) and told her how I cleaned up the patio. And she would have said how proud she was of me. She took every opportunity to build up my ego, no matter how small my accomplishment.

It's nice to get back into the routine, to have a sense that things can get done in this springtime weather, and to feel that I can do them. I'm resolved to remember to tell Cheryl when I'm proud of her, which is often, and to say good boy and good girl to the dogs all the time, whether they deserve it or not.


  1. Mom's are hard to come by.......

  2. Thanks, anonymous. Your comment gives you away. We were both lucky, for sure.