Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Very Good Sandwich

Lately I'm on a quest to create the perfect sandwich, probably a pursuit that no two people would approach in the same way. I, for example, don't want bits and pieces of some dead animal on my sandwich. (OK, I am lying already. A fish fillet can be very nice.)

Meat is just too easy. A sandwich should not be something in which the bread and toppings are an afterthought, like those pasty white buns and scalloped pieces of pickle you often get with a grouper sandwich.

No, a good sandwich is a blend of several textures and tastes, and in the experiment from yesterday: tomato (salted and sliced very thin and dusted with Parmesan), kalamata olive, thin sliced baby carrot and some Camembert cheese (just because I had it in the fridge). For toast I have this dark, whole grain nutty bread that smell great when it gets hot. And instead of mayonnaise or mustard I used a nice hot chipotle sauce.

I notice that Congress is headed toward reconciliation with the health care bill. It's a big game of chicken now. Chicken is another sandwich I don't like. Too dry. And also the dead meat.

This mid-assembly picture is pretty shaky, mostly because it smelled so great and I could no longer think straight. The end result was nice: salty, spicy, crispy, sweet, nutty, smooth, cheesy.

Today I had a tuna fish sandwich with bits of apple, almonds and chili peppers. Last night it was clam quesadillas (not a good idea after all, but you don't know if you don't try).

I'm glad Cheryl will be back home today.

I need a project pretty bad.

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