Thursday, May 13, 2010

Door Knobs

After years of fighting with the various door knobs in this house, of twisting and banging and pushing while the doors refused to open or close or stay closed once closed, I finally got some new knobs and replaced the whole lot over the weekend. The bathroom project remains in limbo due to our inability to select any tile, so I had a little momentum to carry me through this side project.

But now I'm wondering why it's taken me 5 years to fix the knobs. The stupid kitchen door would bounce back open when you shut it, over and over, probably thousands of times. But over time its behavior blended into the environment, I suppose, and became an annoying habit that is quickly overlooked and forgotten, like when a person's wife might leave chicken bones sitting on the kitchen counter, or some other such annoyance that, taken with a broader consideration, flashes away from our memories in a second and leaves us only with an accounting of more positive traits.

But door knobs don't offer up any interesting conversation or laughter. We don't typically love our door knobs like we love our wives. As we like to say: they have one job. (The door knobs, that is.)

Anyway, it appears that I purchased right-handed knobs and put them on the left. The curve typically goes the other way. I don't care, I find them pretty lovable already.


  1. I did not leave chicken bones on the counter. You are nuts. And if you want to start a discussion of spouses leaving stuff on the counter, BRING IT ON...

  2. Chicken bones, glasses, dishes, books, keys... :)