Saturday, May 29, 2010

Intelligent Gardening

I'm no closer to starting the bathroom project. Meanwhile spring turns to summer here with still no sign of the hateful Sri Lankan biobot weevils that have terrorized our plants for the past several years but that are now nowhere to be seen. I'm quick to give credit to the hard freeze this winter, but maybe it is a ploy, a trick to get me to lower my defences. Maybe the weevils are just in a meeting right now.

The freeze also gave me the courage to give a hard trim to the orchid tree and the giant milk weed (above and to the left). Courage, because I though both of them were dead anyway. And now they both have shot back to a state of bliss, happy and growing like crazy, confirming yet again that I know nothing at all about plants and that any success is pure luck. I might as well be speculating on derivatives or managing the gulf cleanup.

From nowhere we have a huge blanket of blanket flowers in the front between the sidewalk and the street--also not due to any knowledge or action or inaction on my part, except that I quit mowing them down.

Here's my monitor lizard, on the lookout for weevils. To tell the truth, this guy wouldn't know a Sri Lankan weevil if it pooped in his face. Where were you last year, Mr. Lizard, when the weevils were chewing these Bombax leaves to pieces?

Also, every spring Cheryl dresses up and has formal teas and looks cute in her purple hat. Life is all tea and milk and honey for Cheryl.

I keep the weevils and wolves away and tell her that everything is OK.


  1. You be looking GOOD, Mom!!
    PS: love the hat............