Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lost in Transition

In a few days we get a new puppy from the CIA training facility, a female black lab named Berkeley with all the latest techy apps and programming, like the ability to detect WiFi by actually sniffing it. In just a few years, so I'm told, all of our technology will be bionic and genetically engineered. And once we all get on the ambient power grid (now in top-secret development), we'll never have to buy a TV, cell phone or computer again. (It's nice to be part of this new wave, if only as a stooge--an old dude in the brave new world.)

Bingo we be off for special-opps training in early July. I can't help worrying if we have done enough to help him get ready. It's such a tough program--only the best of the best can make it. His language requirements alone will be very difficult. Here's part of what he was watching last night. A CIA training video I think...

Either that or it's some strange dog comic. Of course, when I asked about the video, Bingo just laughed in my face, just like some teenager who thinks he knows it all. I'm glad I at least provide some amusement for him.

Who knows where Bingo will be in a few months? Maybe undercover in Taiwan or Singapore. Maybe posing as a wild mutt in Paris. Or maybe running from cave to cave in Afghanistan. Good luck, little guy.

Now we start over with Berkeley...

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  1. What the hell, that was a german dog speaking Japanese!