Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Work Today

Today is hot, humid, overcast, thundery, and one of those days when every initiative (like should I go pull some weeds?) is easily squashed and pushed to the side.

I can't help wondering, had the stars lined up differently last year and I became president instead of Barack Obama: where would I be right now and what would I be thinking? The oil spill in the gulf continues with no end in sight, and I, the most powerful person in the world, am powerless to stop it. The economy tips back and forth, leaning at times into an unknown black hole, with state governments preparing to lay off thousands of teachers and police. Soldiers are dying and no one seems to notice. I can't help wondering if I could possibly deal with all of it.

Instead, I find myself rested after a long afternoon nap with Cheryl and the dogs, with time now to write wandering ideas into a blog. Our air conditioner keeps out the heat--I don't have to pull weeds today.

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