Friday, July 16, 2010

Scary Smart

Still no word from Bingo but I did get a strange email with a header from southern Italy yesterday. Normally I delete these right away but this one grabbed by attention--some kind of code or something that seemed familiar. I thought: maybe it's from Bingo, but then it just didn't make any sense:

confirming that we
brought in nine gallons of
softer water. oil is not stopped.
going to phase 2

Anyway, the new Bionic puppy, Berkeley, appears to be the next generation model, and from what I can see, most of the bugs are out.
(CIA Photo)

I showed the email to Berkeley and she seemed fascinated for the longest time. Or maybe it was the doggy toy on my desk. I continue to be amazed that a species can exist and thrive when its infants are so completely clueless. (I mean humans.)

This puppy is scary smart...

Tomorrow we begin calibration testing on the puppy's electronics. Apparently I still am in the doesn't need to know camp. Then I will mow the yard--at least I'm good at that...

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