Thursday, July 29, 2010

Won't be Fooled Again

As Willow will be glad to point out, I've been so distracted lately by our new bionic puppy and by my so-called day job that I can't get started on any new projects, unless forced by practical necessity, which is what happened this week when the power to our TV went off in a lightning storm.

Normally a flip of the breaker switch will fix the problem, but the breakers seemed OK. Sometimes these breakers can go bad and just appear to be OK (this I learned on YouTube) so bought a cheap voltmeter to test them. OK. The breakers were all good, but several power outlets were dead.

I consulted Willow on the problem but she was too embarrassed to even look at me. She knows that I am an idiot about electricity, that I am prone to shock myself and that I tend to stare at wires with a blank fear on my face. In short, I am electricity's bitch and she knows it.

The last time something like this happened (it happened in the garage just a few months ago) I had to call an electrician, a young guy who made me feel like a four-year old. "This will shock you," he said. "Don't touch."

This time, though, I was determined to fix it myself. To be continued...

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