Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Won't be fooled again--Part 2

To summarize: a lightning storm blew through, and one of our electrical circuits was dead, leaving us with no TV, which is not an acceptable state of being, so Willow called me in to Fix It.

The circuit breakers were OK. One explanation (a fact that I learned to my own embarrassment in April) was that a GPF switch had tripped. The GPFs are outlets with some push buttons--they are little circuit breakers usually found in the kitchen or bathroom. Usually not in the living room, but all evidence pointed in this direction.

But I built a big bookcase--floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall--on the wall with the dead outlets, and possibly there could be a GPF switch behind it, but to know for sure I would need to remove all the books and the TV. Are you kidding?? At times like this I usually sit and stare and wait for some inspiration. Willow, the project manager who has no stomach for my indecisiveness, left the room in disgust. Or maybe she just can't bear to see me shock myself.

So our new CIA-engineered puppy took pity on me and stepped in to make a suggestion. (More later...)

Here's picture of Cheryl and Tom, my nephew, and our puppy Berkeley, who was on secret assignment this weekend and was not allowed to be photographed.

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