Friday, August 6, 2010

Won't be fooled again--Part 3

With the power out to the TV, I had to string an extension cord from the opposite side of the room, up over the side doors, up high out of the reach of our CIA puppy, who understands calculus already at three months old but still does not realize that chewing on electrical cords could have unpleasant consequences.

I got it in my head that a GPF switch was hiding behind the bookshelves. A silly notion, maybe, but one that I could not easily dismiss, at least not without taking out all the books and the TV. Willow gave me a familiar look, as if to ask me "What are we paying you for?" But the puppy gave me an idea.


I cut a hole into the back of the book case, then took a flashlight and small hand mirror to look in back along the wall for outlets. There's about 3 inches between the back of the bookcase and the wall, just enough (I figured) to get a look, if I could hold the mirror at just the right angle. (smart)

More later...

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