Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Won't be fooled again--Part 4

A picture of willow sitting in a chair and gazing out the window
By this time Willow had curled up for a nap. Nothing says failure like the sight of your boss so bored with you that she can't keep her eyes open. She would get interested now only if I shocked myself good, and even then it would need to be a very good shock, one of those shocks that makes your eyes poke out and your pee turn blue.

I didn't know what to do next. My attempts with the mirror were inconclusive. I just couldn't see behind my behemoth book case to see if a GPF switch was back there. Beside, everyone knows that GPF switch are not used in the living room. Would I remove all the books and the TV only to find a blank wall (and feel like an idiot)?

I went up to my office to search for the electrician's phone number even though he was pretty snotty to me the last time for not knowing about the GPF switch in the garage. I was feeling pretty low--nothing is worse than calling a contractor.

But wait! My nephew was coming to visit, and I could just call his dad, my brother Ernesto de Blad, who is is a whiz with electricity and such.

Ernesto explained to me that I could use my new voltmeter to narrow down the problem. And then he gave me an important clue. He said "Find the outlet that is closest to the circuit breaker box."

More later...

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