Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Won't be fooled again--Final

...besides, I like the thrill of hot wires in my hands. Nothing will wake me up faster than a quick fzzzp#@$! electric shock. Not all the time, of course, but now and then it can be a little fun.

I took the light dimmer out from the wall with all the certainty in the world, so confident that I ignored something poking out from the wall only a few feet away and down near the floor. A curious thing on any day, but why look when I had the culprit in my hot hands and certainty in my mind?

The pointy metal stickers of my voltage meter would confirm the truth as I knew it. Power would be going in, but not going out, meaning that all I would need to do is replace the dimmer switch. But no power. No power on either side.

Once again my grasp on reality dissolved, and I'm surprised I had the energy to even move my head--why am I always wrong about this electrical stuff?--but I did manage to look down in the corner, a place formerly hidden by the library card catalog, a thing existing where it should not exist and against all practical sense. There it was, a GPF switch, its little red button sticking out and taunting me, saying "See, all you had to do was push on me".

Like magic, the circuit sprang back to life. Willow could not help laughing at me...

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