Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Berkeley is away at school today, so Willow and I are making the most of it. She's promising not to be mean to me anymore, and I'm promising not to take her for granted, such is the effect of our cute new hyper-puppy who can't seem to resist chewing on Willow's ears and tail. Of course, I'm promising Willow that everything will get better soon. Maybe we can even start a new project...

It rains and rains, buckets and sheets, morning and night, so much that yesterday I was walking around in the backyard with the dogs and realized that a light rain was falling. It's not like I'm going to ruin my hair-do, but I've never just walked around in the rain before. We noticed the same thing in Ireland--most people walked about freely through the drizzles and sprinkles, paying no attention at all, but Cheryl and I always had our heads covered.

This rain is probably all my fault because during the drought a few years ago I swore that I would never again complain about the rain, no matter how much fell. It was an implicit contract with mother nature. I've got to remember how powerful I am when it comes to the things I think and say. My theory is that the universe is slowly shaping and bending to my will, so I need to be more careful about the consequences.

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