Saturday, January 15, 2011

Slipping Some Milestones

Of course Willow is excited about the new bathroom project. Here is she, posing for her new company portrait. Image is important when you are climbing the corporate ladder, and this will be her biggest project ever--never mind that I'll be doing all the work, as usual, while she takes the credit. (Notice that I'm not in the picture.)

My ongoing illness has been a thorn in her side, though, delaying the project start by one day and then another, and these delays reflect poorly on her management capabilities, so she is desperate to motivate me into action before the corporate bosses send in a new goon to shake things up (and replace her).

I do feel better today, but not nearly enough to get started, especially when you consider that the initial phase of the project will be the violent demolition and dismembering of the bathroom, down to the wall studs, followed by the tedious removal of those hundreds of pounds of broken tile and wallboard, with me lugging it all down the stairs and outside to the curb. And that's just to get started.

I'm taking my sick days, no matter how often Willow calls me aside and gives me the stink eye. Let the milestones slip.

In the meantime I'm reading possibly my favorite book ever: Mark Twain's autobiography, which was published just a few months ago, according to his wishes, 100 years after his death. It's given me an idea (more on this later).

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