Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tile Ordered

The tile has been ordered and should be here next week, never mind how much it will cost. By buying the tile from a store in Arizona, I've avoided the sales tax, and that savings almost cancels out the shipping charges. Let the hand-wringing cease.

I'm slowly, by inches and snail steps, getting over this flu, or whatever it is, but I'm still not quite right, so I continue to rest and wait. The tile will find a cozy spot to stay in the garage until I'm ready for it, until after the demolition, plumbing and carpeting prep work is done. But still today I'm a little dizzy. Not quite ready to pull out my favorite tool--the baby sledge hammer.

Also, I wrote a long, rambling, preachy post this morning about gun control, mental health and other issues, all related to the shooting in Arizona. I posted it, but it didn't feel right so I pulled it. The problem is that we have too many guns and too many crazy people, but I just haven't figured out how to fix it yet. The bathroom project comes first.

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