Sunday, July 31, 2011

Encountering the Real World

We live in 3-dimensional space, or at least that's what our eyes and brains make out for us, considering that we are biologically designed to perceive only a particularly narrow spectrum of energy called light, which provides us with just enough information to survive, just enough so that we have the necessary depth perception to chase after wild animals and to spot different colored fruit in the trees. Yes, I've been reading a book about the brain--Cheryl is sick of me talking about it (and she's been giving me other books to read, hoping that I will shut up).

So, even though we believe that we are fantastically intelligent creatures, only a few very of us (and certainly I am not in the group) can comprehend quantum mechanics and multiple dimensions and all the fantastical truths of the universe. Most of us only see the X, Y and Z--like two walls and a ceiling--and that is challenging enough, apparently, for someone with my level of intelligence.

Due to a miscalculation, my top row of tile is about 5/8 inch from the ceiling--too far if I just intended to put tile on the ceiling. No, that would leave a wide gap between the ceiling tile and the wall tile. How does an adult make such a miscalculation, considering that I learned about these basic math concepts in the second or third grade? Did I think that my positive attitude and good nature and Zen concentration would correct for a few fractions of an inch? (I don't have a better explanation.)

So while some people are, at this moment, working feverishly to cure cancer, I am pondering how to solve my tile gap problem. Bigger still, I'm wondering how I will ever set tiles upside down on the ceiling without them crashing to the floor.

Then yesterday I found the answer on-line. More later...

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