Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Salvador Dali Tiles

The big boss, Willow, came by to see me today, coincidentally (she says) just after I got my new camera charged up for its initial testing. Cheryl has the same camera, not expensive but takes very nice pictures, and I cannot be outdone by Cheryl on such things.

Willow poses for the camera like she expects every picture will make it to the cover of Business Weekly or Forbes or whatever crap she's reading these days to satisfy her passion for money and power. Then she starts talking in some weird formal voice, like I'm interviewing her for the magazine, and she's humbly taking credit for the project, all made possibly because of her hands-on, dynamic management style that complements a synergistic, etc., etc... On and on she goes because she can't resist the camera lens and that dense forest of corporate ladders in her mind, dangling there just within her reach if only somehow she could grab someone's attention--someone important.

Meanwhile (not that Willow cares), I just finished (except for the edges) the main portion of the faucet wall. To my endless frustration, I discovered that the last unopened box of light green tile (handwritten in Spanish as Liso on the box) was a much lighter green than the others. Lighter, and bigger on the average, and even more misshapen than the other Liso tiles, some apparently designed by Salvador Dali (during the period when he was too drunk to paint).

So now I'm mixing the tiles from the boxes to distribute the shades of green, and the effect is OK. Not bad at all. But now I have to measure and rotate and place each tile because of the weird shapes. Progress is slow.

Anyway, one more wall to go, then to the ceiling. The ceiling will be very cool.

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