Monday, August 22, 2011

Feng Shui

In 1926 our guest bathroom (the one I have been violating for the past few months) was the master bath. Our bedroom didn't exist yet--our current bathroom was the original bedroom, which explains why it has french doors and a balcony and a clear Feng Shui view of the front sidewalk if I ever care to pee standing up, which has lost its appeal as a result.

During the remodel (probably in the 50s) the workers replaced the original bathroom door with a solid panel. I punched it out last night. This will be a big wall of shelves when I'm done.

Opening a closed doorway has a certain mystery and charm, as if the forces of Feng Shui are restored to the original intent of the house and spirits are allowed to travel as before, and I did feel a sudden rush of cool air hit me as the panel opened up. Then I realized it was the air conditioner.

As I predicted, Willow was reluctant to walk through this opening. It took some repeated reassurance and demonstrations from me, walking back and forth through the opening, until I could not help wonder how she became my supervisor.

The toilet is out again. Time to do the floor, which has a big crack down the center. On close inspection I can see that the crack is about 3/8 inch lower than the rest of the floor, and I believe the crack and dip happened when the kitchen downstairs was remodeled and a wall was taken out.

Willow continues to waffle about the crack and what it means and how to address it. Will the floor continue to dip? More on this to come.

I finished tiling the mirror yesterday. Like the rest of the tile, it still needs to be grouted. Once the door frames and windows frames are in place and the walls are painted, it should look better.

My flunky assistant, Hector, wanted to take a picture so I said OK. What a dork.

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