Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Tea Pot

Cheryl and I found a tea shop in St Pete this weekend, and I picked up some new tea--some Silver Needle and some Oolong--and this purple clay teapot from China, just big enough for one cup of tea.

I didn't really expect to use it because I am addicted to morning coffee and already get more caffeine that I can stand. The tea is easier, though. Just a pinch of tea into the pot and some not-quite-boiling water (around 175 degrees), because boiling water poured directly on the leaves will make tea bitter.

Several years ago I made tea for Cheryl and Gisah, our friend who is a chef and who (I could tell) wanted to stop me from using boiling water but did not, to spare my masculine feelings I suppose, and then later said the tea was very good, even though it was bitter.

Anyway, I haven't had any coffee since Sunday. I thought I would make a record of it here, in case I never drink coffee again.

Yesterday, I took the first step to prepare for the ceiling tiles--putting a burn coat of thinset on the ceiling. I'll do one more coat today, plus get the sink area ready for the mirror.

The burn coat is the key to hanging tile upside down, or at least that's what the Floor Elf says. If things don't go well, I can always blame him.

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