Thursday, January 12, 2012

Turn On The Water Already

One week to go...

It has become clear to me that a bathroom without plumbing is not much use and that I faced two hurdles in this regard: the drain system and the new faucet. Months ago I connected the water lines to an empty faucet box. I then promptly turned the water lines turned off just in case. So I was not really sure what would happen when it was time to test. Any single problem could be disastrous, meaning that I'd probably have to hire someone to fix it, leaving me with several philosophical conundrums to resolve.

With Cheryl's help I got the new drain piece and the overflow drain in place. And then I discovered that the tub, an older style tub, has a different slope at the front, so I couldn't use a standard pipe fitting to connect the overflow to the drain pipe below. Was this why they never fixed the overflow before? So I took my big box of plumbing stuff (now that it's organized) and fixed it. Cheryl poured in a pitcher of water while I watched with a flashlight from the other side. No leaks!

Then on to the faucet, which has been sitting on my desk for nearly a year. Naturally I lost the documentation for it in the meantime. I wonder what the old-timer plumbers would think about these new faucets, with their pressure correcting valves and other advanced technology?

Once I got it all in place, finally it was time to turn on the water. I could find no excuse for any more delay.

When the Hoover dam went on line there were cheering crowds, politicians, circus clowns and fireworks. But I turned on the water to the shower all alone, facing success or failure in the dark corner of our bathroom closet. Cheryl was downstairs feeding her Facebook so I didn't want to disturb her, and Willow and Jam were hidden as usual, waiting to see if this long-running project would end in disgrace, and if so, preparing to blame everything on me.

Cold water on, then hot.

More later...

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