Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project Complete (So I'm Told)

Two days to go.

I knew something was up when the upper management team, dressed in their Italian designer suits, showed up unannounced with some photographers.
For several days they've been in an undisclosed location, hiding and refusing to visit the project, hiding and strategorizing on how to distance themselves from the project in case it fails to meet the due date. But now, with two days to go, it appears that a decision has been made, though of course no one consulted me.

Jam, the junior assistant manager, was especially well-groomed and sharply dressed, inspecting and posing for the cameras with such a serious eye. He has a bright career ahead in butt-kissery.

Yes, it seems, a decision has been made. The project is complete, with 2 days to spare, and it was a success (according to management).

Complete??? There's much more to do: the bathroom door still needs to be stripped and painted, the hallway walls have cracked to be repaired, and the... But no one is listening to me. I am like a fly buzzing through an empty room.

You're just not management material, Jam seems to say to me with his eyes, shaking his head a little at how dense I can be.

Even the big boss was on hand for pictures.

Yes, the project is done, she says.

How long did it take? We ordered the tile one year and 4 days ago.