Friday, February 10, 2012

Almonds On Toast

I realize now that I have difficulty thinking outside the box and that this difficultly, considering my age, will never really go away. Even when the end wonderfulness of a thing is so simple and easy to see, I can't easily get beyond conventional wisdom, in particular today, about what should and should not be placed on top of toast.

Starting from an absolute, it's easy to set up a logical framework to reveal the possibilities because anything that can be eaten at all can also be eaten on top of toast. Eggs can go on toast. Milk can be poured on toast. And so on. Then it is just a matter of considering one possibility after another and not be held back by the traits of conventional and typical toast toppings, like stickiness, which is highly overrated in my opinion.

And yet, even though I eat toast almost daily, and even though I eat roasted almonds almost daily, I had not ever (until just moments ago this morning) put any roasted almonds on a dry piece of toast.

Of course, I had eaten toast and almonds before, in rapid succession, maybe even within a few seconds of the other, but I never knew the unexpectedly wonderful taste of almond toast, with both ingredients entering the mouth at once, in perfect harmony, like a pleasantly dry and crisp peanut butter sandwich but without that annoying gooey mess that glues tongue to teeth.

A negative person would complain about the tendency of almonds to fall off of the toast, but that person would not be me.

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  1. You must not have shaky hands! Have you tried almond butter?