Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Plum People

I've spent the past couple evenings putting down the shoe molding around the crazy angles in the hallway. Not one of them was at 90 degrees, though my photo isn't very helpful in making the case.

These baseboards didn't have shoe molding when when moved in. For some reason, Cheryl has a thing about shoe molding (or quarter-round)--she's been griping about the hallway for years.

With each step of work I get a better picture of the previous owners. The people who painted the bathroom green, for example, were very neat and tidy people. They put putty in the V-grooves of the bathroom door to make them more uniform, and now, after spending 2 days stripping the door and cleaning out the grooves, I realize what a completely worthless exercise I've been on. I should never have removed the putty because now I need to putty the grooves again, and I won't do as good a job as the Green people.

No, I should have stopped stripping at the plum layer. The Plum people made a real mess of things; now that I know their personalities, I can see their handiwork elsewhere in the house, and I intend to yank it all out.

Then last week, during a fierce downpour, water started pouring into the master bedroom from inside the wall. I'm not prepared to discuss it yet.

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  1. The plum people took out all the shoe molding.