Friday, April 26, 2013

A Humid Celebration

Summer has arrived early here, its thick blanket of steam wrapping around me while I work on even the simplest chores outside, whispering into my ear that I should just quit and go inside, that the fence can wait. But no, I persisted and finally got it done. This picture shows what comes next--I'll need to get out my chain saw to clear out this area that has been a thick jungle since we moved in.

Projects are never really done, though. I still need to make the post caps and install them.

The sweet viburnum bush now is out of sight on the other side of the fence. I just couldn't bear to dig it up, though now I miss it--just brush against it and it responds with a wonderful aroma of lemon and spice. Maybe it will send shoots under the fence and come back to see me soon.

Of course, the project manager and her young protege were on hand for the final ceremonies, trying not to pant while pictures were taken. Cheryl is in Baltimore, escaping the heat. After a few pictures everyone was glad to get back inside. Oh well, I should have finished it months ago, when the weather was nice...

Next: making the post caps

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