Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fencing a Straight Line

The fence is now working its way up the side yard. Our property is on a gentle downward slope from east to west, with the northeast corner at probably the highest point. Or who knows? As I learned when doing the patio, it s not possible for me to judge slope with my eyes. I can just barely remember east and west, left and right, up and down.

Instead of keeping each section of the fence on a level, I'm using a string to map out a straight line for the entire length, and this has a calming effect on me. You just pull the string tight and it easily uncovers a truth that would otherwise be nearly impossible (for me) to determine. Even as I followed the line and marked off the level marks, I had trouble believing that the top of the fence would actually be straight. "You're kidding," I would ask the string at times.

One dilemma had to be faced along the way. A couple years ago I planted some sweet viburnum along the edge of the property, thinking that it would grow and thicken and become the new fence (instead of this wooden one). But almost all of it died--all except this stubborn survivor that is mostly on the neighbors side of the fence line.

I had two options: dig it up and move it into our yard (probably killing it in the process) or let it live in peace never to be seen again by me.

Next: Verdict for the viburnum.

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