Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bridge: Attaching the Posts

Now that I have a nice curve at the bottom, I need to cut the posts and attach them, mindful that this bridge will be hovering over one of the most humid environments on earth, a fish pond in Florida. Any bolts and screws that I use will need to be completely weather resistant.

I considered making the bridge completely out of wood, all tongue and groove joints, put together like the ancient Japanese gardener/carpenters did it. But that would take months and months. And I am not worthy, Sensei (deep bow here).

So I got some expensive stainless-steel bolts and nuts. The rust will eventually get to them, but it will get to me first.

By spacing some small nails evenly from the top and bending a piece of molding around them I can quickly emulate the curve at the bottom. Will it be beautiful? Yes, if beauty = symmetry, considering that symmetry is the best that we non-artists can ever hope to achieve. (More humble bowing here--I am truly not worthy.)

The post will have pretty caps on top, but for now they are distinctly ugly.

Next: attaching the rails with tongue and groove (deep bow again)

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